Thursday, April 23, 2015

One or Two?

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I've already began thinking about what we should do next... one or two?  I know it is going to be here before we know it!  I'm CD 11 today, but I don't plan on having a period for another 30 days :-/

We transferred our top quality embryo (out of 5) which was graded 4AA.  It looked perfect on paper, but it wasn't meant to be.  It just goes to show you that quality does not mean everything!

Here is how the rest are graded...

3AB (day 5)
4AB (day 6)
4AB (day 6)
3 BB (day6)

So, obviously grading does not really matter here.  My "perfect" embryo wasn't so perfect.  

This week I had been feeling horrible, run down, head aches, and exhausted.  I think my body is going in some type of hormonal shift after being on so many synthetic hormones.  I know this is not good for me.  I know I do not want to keep doing this over and over.  It is emotionally and physically taxing.

A few days after my miscarriage, I started taking pregnitude again to hopefully help my hormones and yesterday I started a little vegan cleanse (with lots of green smoothies, raw nuts and seeds, and salads) to detox my body from all these hormones.  I already am feeling better today, thank goodness!

To think about doing this more than one more time is stressing me out.  These hormones are torture.  Honestly, if it were up to me, I would transfer the top two... I just need to convince my husband and my doctor.  For blast transfers they recommend transferring one embryo at a time if you are 35 or under.  

The likely hood that both would take is slim!  But, if we did have twins again, we already have two of everything!  Decisions, decisions.... hmmmm!!!  

FAITH FAITH FAITH... I know I need to have faith and pray seriously about this!  I want to start praying about what embro(s) to put in.  I want to do this right!
I would LOVE your opinions!  What would YOU do?

ICLW:  If you are stopping by for ICLW, thank you! A little background... We were blessed with miracle twin boys via IVF and rescue ICSI after 3 1/2 years of TTC.  We again, haven't prevented pregnancy for the last almost three years with no luck.  We went through IVF again last December and I had to freeze everything because of OHSS.  FET #1 was a BFP, but I miscarried at 6 weeks. Now awaiting FET#2! :)


Rosachka said...

I think only you know what is best for you, one or two. Can you handle another set of twins?

My second IVF, my perfect cycles with two perfect grade embryos ended up with a BFN, and when we transferred lower quality embryos in the following cycle, it gave us our beautiful toddler :) I think there are so many other factors and that grading alone is not a good indicator.

Mrs. Agony said...

Both of my pregnancies have been on Grade B embryos (my clinic doesn't grade the trophoblast separately, so just one letter). I've also transferred two each time and gotten pregnant with a singleton. I'm older than you (*cough* pushing 40 *cough*) but still.

This journey is so ridiculously hard. We're 9 weeks pregnant with our first and while I'd love to go back for a sibling at some point I just don't know if I have it in me.

Wishing you strength!

Anonymous said...

Hi from ICLW...I also question for my next pregnancy will I transfer 1 or 2 given that I already have 1 from my last FET. I think we will go with 2 and if we have twins we will roll with it.

Annissa Yahnke said...

ICLW #10 Visitor.

I am so so so sorry for your loss. I just had my latest, and 16th miscarriage, on Easter :(

I think that your choice isn't an easy one. Me I'd probably go for two over the one. But it's hard to play that what if game. Of course, one embryo could still always turn into two babies. It's just hard to say. Regardless, I wish you luck on the choice!! I wish you luck on the transfer and may it result in a lasting BFP .... {{HUGS}}

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