Thursday, April 2, 2015

Just when you think you can breath again...

RED BLOOD. Yup!  I was finally feeling the relief of BETA #3 and feeling officially pregnant, than BAM, back into reality.

I was getting myself ready to take R&M to preschool, I go into the bathroom and there is not only red blood in my panty liner (I have to wear them all the time because of the P4 suppositories), but I see it dripping into the toilet like a period. "Lord, please don't let me miscarry!" I thought for sure I was!

I ran out told my husband I was bleeding, and he was so calm and collective, "You did that with the boys! Your fine!" UGH!  I DID bleed with the boys, red blood, but it was at 13 weeks!  This pregnancy has already had one rough beginning.

I immediately call my RE's office and spoke to the nurse.  She said, no sex, no exercise, feet up, don't take any more baby aspirin for now, and this happens to 40% of all pregnancies.

It slowly stopped and I'm barely spotting brown now.   I have had my feet up all day, and I'm resting.

Looking back to yesterday, I may have over did it with my twins.  We went to the park by my parents house, and the boys had me lifting them over my head (Rocco is 37 lbs and Maximus 35 lbs), to go across the monkey bars, a swinging thing, and rings.  My thought was, if I did it before, I should be able to do it now.  I guess not :(

I still have my first ultrasound tomorrow!

For now, I think we better stay low and do some inside activities!  This was two days ago, my boys making a train... All Aboard!!!

Rocco in the front, Maximus in back :)


Rosachka said...

It is scary, I know. Try to rest as much as you can, and NO lifting your boys. Happened to me with my second pregnancy as well, first time at about 5 weeks, then at about 8 weeks after I carried DS I had very heavy bleeding with huge clots, and then again at 15 weeks. But now he is the most adorable 9 month old :) Thoughts and prayers for you and your little one.

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Congrats on your second little one! What a blessing! Bleeding is always scary for sure, but at least it stopped for now! Thank you for your prayers!! Xo Sara

kk said...

I am praying for you! hope all went well today!

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