Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Major update!

Hello! I'm alive! There is so much to update! I'm on my phone so I'm going to sum it up!

Found a new RE, Dr Potter! Ironically he was on the OC housewives show this week... If you watch that show ;) Major update ladies!!!! I had a hysteroscopy done today by him, even though I had one done in December by a different RE he "wanted to see for himself."

I had a uterine septum removed twice before I had my twins. Today he went in today there was still a residual septum!!!! I couldn't believe it!!!!! This is why we can't get pregnant or stay pregnant! How we had our twins is a freakin miracle!

He just clipped it off pretty quickly! The nurse said, "the tissue where the septum was is beautiful now!" I was in tears! After all this heartache , we found our why! Praise Jesus! I can't believe it! And btw I was awake and had no pain meds!

I know I'm going to have a lot of babies in heaven! I can't believe this was the cause! 😢💔 I have new hope for the future!

We have a busy summer planned! Leaving for Yosemite at 5am tomorrow, then Europe July 27! As soon as I start my next cycle I start bcp's to prep for this FET! It's so different. You do bcp's, Lupron, E2 shots, then the progesterone gel. He also wants to test me for NK cells and I'm doing a gluclose test to see if I need metformin for pcos. He is on it! I'm so thankful I found him! God is good!

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Mamalou said...

Did you close your IG account??

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