Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Chris and I have had such an amazing time... reconnecting, enjoying each other, traveling, etc. Almost every weekend we have been out of town. This has been just what the doctor ordered! Our relationship is great (sex life better than EVER!)! We have been to Laughlin twice, enjoying the lake on wave runners. Went to Del Mar for a weekend wedding, which was absolutely breathtaking over looking the ocean, and really fun! Last weekend Chris took his entire office to Palm Springs, which I planned! It was fabulous! We had 19 people total. Dinner, spa, pool, and fun in the sun! It wasn't too hot... we have had quite the mild summer. Actually cool in HB, it was nice to feel the warmth again. Tomorrow we are leaving for Kauai! I am so excited to celebrate our 3rd anniversary, August 17th! I have never loved my husband more than I do today. I can't imagine loving him more!

Taking time for one another is so crucial in EVERY Marriage. Even if it is just an evening walk together. Quality time = Happy Marriage.

Looking back at the last two years (It has been officially two years since I through out the BCP), it has been an emotional roller coaster. However, we are so blessed that it has only strengthened our marriage and love for each other. We are content with what we have now and have accepted what God has blessed us with.

I resigned from my job as a high school teacher (a blessing). I am now a stay at home wife. I am looking forward to seeing what new path God is going to open for us. God never closes doors with out opening new ones!

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