Thursday, September 9, 2010


When you hear people say to be your own advocate, BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE!  I picked up all of my medical records from Dr. D's today because I was planning on getting a second opinion, which I still am.  But after going through all my paper work, which is literally hundreds of pages, I came across two important pages that Dr. D never informed us of.  On 07/08/09, C had a s/a done.  He had high #'s... 276 mil, a 4out of 4 on moltility, BUT only 8% morphology this equals Moderate Teratozoospermia. i.e 92% of his sperm is mishaped and cannot either reach my egg or penetrate it!  I cannot believe it!  How did this happen!?  I can't believe we went through all of this heartache of IUI's and BFN's for nothing!!!

We are still going to get a second opinion.  I have an appointment tomorrow with one RE and another next week.  Dr. D was right... IVF may be in our future.  Through research, I found that is what is recommended, possibly with ICSI.  However I am pissed that he NEVER mentioned this.  This should have been our FIRST recommendation not our last resort.  It would have been emotionally better on us all.  I think he somehow over looked it.  This sucks, but at least I finally have some answers (and its not all me! ha!)!


Anonymous said...

I agree, get a second opinion. Maybe you can find a clinic that offers Micro IVF. I went through a year of clomid, five IUIs with injections and finally did Micro IVF. Micro is only about 5K plus meds, so much cheaper and my husband and I thought of it as a diagnostic procedure rather than a chance to get pregnant, because we always thought my eggs were the issue. It turns out my eggs were the problem, out of the 8 follicles, 6 of the follicles were empty, one egg was diploid and the other didn't fertilize. I was glad we did the Micro, because we could find out what was wrong without spending 20K. Although, it been incredibly difficult I find peace in knowing that I can’t get pregnant, rather than hoping every month that I will. The up and down roller coaster every month was getting too much to handle.
Also, my husband’s morphology was 1% and his motility was 30%, but when they wash and spin it for IUIs it puts it up in the normal range, which is why they recommend doing IUIs. And sperm changes month to month. When we did the Mico IVF, three months prior my husband did not drink any alcohol, ate really healthy and his sperm had improved. Sorry for the long comment. I just hope knowing what I went though will help you in some way.

Sara said...

Thank you for the info! I will definitely look into it :) I am so sorry that you went through all of that! I guess you can relate to what I'm feeling then... totally frustrated!! What are your next steps?

Anonymous said...

I would really like to try again. My RE told me each cycle is different and we might be able to get eggs next time, but we have already spent 20K in the last two years, so for now I just pray for a miracle.
I really hope things work out for you. I can tell you would be a wonderful mom. It just seems so unfair that the people who would make the best parents have the hardest time getting pregnant. I just have to believe everything happens for a reason, but its really hard somethimes.

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