Monday, September 20, 2010


is a blessing.  I have struggeled through out my life with "living in the world" and "living for God."  As a teenager, I wasn't even sure there was a God.  I led my life for the moment, not thinking about the consequences of my actions.  And there were PLENTY of consequences.  I believe, as any Christian, we all have battles... our own weaknesses.  For the past year, I have felt a strong conviction, but have not either wanted or been ready to "deal" with it.  I knew what God was asking me to do and I have made many excuses why I shouldn't listen.  I finally listened.

It has been over three weeks since I have had any alcohol.  I know I sound like an alcoholic.  I'm not.  I would enjoy a glass of wine with a nice dinner (especially Italian), a cocktail on vacation, etc.  Its not that I think there is something wrong with Christians who drink, I just know that God is asking me to stop for what ever reason, right now.  I am not sure where this is going to go either.  Is it forever?  Not sure.  But for now... No VINO!  I have lost that desire.

I feel very good about it.  I actually feel more connected with God than I have in a long time.  I know God has wanted me to do this for a while.

Many of our friends are not christians.  That has been the other battle.  "Birds of a feather flock together," my mom would always say.  Its so true.  It is extremely difficult to stay on the right path when you are with people who have no path.  Finding friends that you connect with, let alone Christian friends (especially ones that are in a similar place (no kids)), is so hard!  We both feel as though we are in this limbo or imbetween stage.  I would say that 95% of our friends either have one child, or one on the way.

I joined a womens bible study which starts next week.  I am super excited and praying that God brings good Christian women in my life... and hopefully lasting friendships! 

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