Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hello again Fatigue...

Fatigue has kicked in full force this week.  I honestly feel just as tired if not more tired than first trimester!  I am able to do about one task per day then I am on the couch ready for a nap.  I called Dr. I about it and asked him about being anemic.  I was very anemic prior to doing IVF and I did get my levels back up before we concieved from taking prescription iron.  I think I was so anemic from having my two uterine surgeries and after each BFN cycle I would bleed so bad I would almost be hemorrhaging!

I googled anemia in pregnancy and found that its very common and I can only imagine with more than one baby growing its twice as likely.  I started taking an extra iron tablet, along with my prenatal, last week, with Dr. I's permission.  He's going to test me again at my next appointment on Thursday. 

So basically I am either exhausted from being anemic again or I am just exhausted from cooking two little ones.  We'll see!

23 week update!

How Far Along: 23 weeks 2 days

How Big Are the Babies: Still papaya's!  For some reason they are stuck at this fruit for a few weeks on my little updater!

Baby's little face is fully formed...minus the baby fat, of course. The next task at hand for baby: sprouting two teeny-tiny nipples!

Total weight gain:  I haven't been on the scale since last week... I'm scared! LOL!

Maternity clothes: YUP!

Sleep: I've been sleeping a lot thanks to my new found exhaustion!  Still wake up to pee at least twice a night!

GENDER: Two lil BOYS!!!! Yay!!

Movement: Now I know who I'm feeling when I feel them.  Baby A is on the left side of my uterus, head down (stay that way baby!), and he kicks on my upper left side.  Baby B is head up or breech and kicks on my lower right.  Its so crazy when I feel them kick at the same time in different spots!

Food Cravings: hmmm... I love love milk and cereal and have to have one bowl a day, pepperoncini's on my sandwiches or on the side and in salads, still love mexican food, still hate steack and chicken breast!

What I Miss: My energy!  I'm hoping the iron works and I get my energy back!

What I'm looking forward to: Making it to week 24... Viability! Four more days!

Milestones: Hmmm... I'm not sure I have any this week! =/  But, I love every second my babies are kicking... I'm hooked!

Symptoms: I definitely have the brown line, although its still super light!  I have heartburn, fatigue, groin pain (I think I pulled a muscle), and my wedding ring is getting tight (boo!)!  I am hoping it still fits at least a few more weeks, I'm getting my belly pictures done professionally! yay!

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Anonymous said...

Love to read your updates. Sorry that you are feeling exhausted- hopefully the extra iron will help. Will your doc be ordering blood work to check?

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