Monday, March 23, 2015

6dp5dt- 7dp5dt

For the last couple days I had a feeling I've felt before...  That 'I'm Pregnant' kinda feeling. I know I said I wasn't going to POAS, but because, 'I knew,' I just HAD to!!

Yesterday 6dpt I ran out and got a box of FRER tests and tested mid day with pretty diluted urine. There was the lightest lightest line ever... A real squinter BFP! I almost had doubts it was there! But it was there!! In all my years TTC, before having the boys, I have NEVER had a squinter, they would be STARK WHITE! Praise Jesus!! I'm freaken Pregnant!!!!! 

I ran up to tell my hubby and he knew it too! We had been looking a new homes earlier because he wants more space if our family is growing, so I brought him the checkbook and a pen handed it to him and said, "are you ready to write that check for a down payment... Because WE'RE PREGNANT!!!!"

We are so excited! Except, because the line is soooo light, he is trying not to get too excited until BETA, friday. 

Today I poas'd with FMU. It's still pretty light, but it's pink!

I have one test left, i think I will wait to test again at 9dpt which would be 14dpo! I'm so excited! This is FREAKIN happening!

As for symptoms... My bb's are huge, and beyond sore. As I sit here and type, I can feel almost throbbing pain in them! This was my telltale sign! They have ONLY ever been this sore when pregnant. I've also been a little bloated like AF bloated. Today I have a headache, not sure if that is related, otherwise just tired now.  I also have not been sleeping great and waking up early. Although
so far not with hunger pangs like last time.

Today, I did a P90x3 workout, upper body, and took the boys to the tidepools in Corona Del Mar.  It was a beautiful day. Praying this week continues to go well and the sticks get darker!! Oh! Today is my hubby's birthday... What a gift! :))


Jos said...

That's exciting news! I always had very light tests until after 12dpo. Praying that line keeps getting darker and darker!

Mrs. Agony said...

Agree with previous commenter - lines are SUPPOSED to be light this early on. Congrats, mama! I was so nervous when I didn't see a post yesterday but YAY! May your line grow ever darker and may you have a super-strong beta!

Stephanie said...

So exciting!!! Fingers crossed for good news and confirmation in the next few days!

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Thank you!! They are STILL so light!! 13dpo now :-/ trying not to worry!

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

I posted a pic of the lines, I mean they are still SUPER light! Hopefully it was just this box of tests.

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Thank you!!! I'm praying!!

Alyson Braden said...

Congratulations!!! So exciting. I'm 6dp3dt!!! I'm praying and hoping for a BFP soon!!!!

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