Sunday, July 19, 2015

Pain in my a*$... Wonderful PIO shots!

Today is day three of PIO, and today was my first time giving the shot MYSELF! Ouch!  My lovely husband passes out at the site at needles and cannot give them to me.  The last two days, we went camping up in Big Bear with my parents so I had my nurse momma give them to me! What a relief ;) Her shots didn't hurt a bit actually, it just took a long time to push the oil in. Yesterday, my bum was already feeling the effects.  I am already sore!

I knew today was coming.  It took me a few minutes to get enough courage to give the shot.  I've had to do this twice before with trigger, and now every day! ugh!  However, I was shocked that it didn't hurt at all!  Its the size of the needle that is so scary!  I am a little sore and I was told to use heat so the oil doesn't ball up

So far, I am not feeling any effect of the progesterone, or the estrogen.  However, I'm sure I put on 5 lb's since starting this journey (thank you hormones!).  Its all worth it though, if I can get my take home baby... I can't wait for that day!

Last week, I ended up going to visit my sister-in-law's Grandmother, D, who is a prayer warrior, and also prayed for me prior to getting pregnant with my boys.  It was amazing.  She anointed me with oil, and we prayed!  I felt the Holy Spirit.  We prayed for the Lords will in this baby making journey, our marriage, my boys, my uterus, etc... it was very refreshing.  I left there feeling great!  I am so happy I was able to do this again!

Friday was my ultrasound to check lining, it was 11mm, which I believe, is a great thickness, they want it minimally 8mm.

Wednesday, is transfer day... AGAIN!  Unfortunately my hubby cannot go! Boo!  My mom will be going with me this time, which is okay too!  I love my mom!

Here are some pics from the weekend camping trip...

Gluten-free graham crackers, vegan all natural marshmallows, and organic dark chocolate! YUM! 
Stroll around the campground!  It was so beautiful and peaceful!
C and I playing cards with the family

R & M SOOOO excited to be camping in a tent!

R & M following "stink bug tracks and bear tracks"  I love this age and their imagination!

Ooooh!  Maximus has been officially diagnosed with gluten intolerance.  He has been suffering from diarrhea for the last seven months.  We tested for parasites, removed dairy, and low and behold its gluten!  It hit me after he really indulged on Fourth of July and he suffered badly.  We are a mostly gluten free family anyway, so it isn't too bad of an adjustment.  It is just difficult when we go out.  I had to bring gluten free dinner cup cakes to a birthday party my boys attended.  Its a little awkward, but I'm sure we'll get the hang of it!  In some ways I am a little relieved, because we eat an all natural diet and this makes it easy to take our natural life style out of our home. :)


Lauree and Mike said...

Good luck!! I hope this one sticks!!

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Thank you!! We really hope so too!! :)

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