Thursday, July 23, 2015

FET #3 Transfer Day! 1dp5dt

Transfer yesterday was probably the best it has ever gone.  I mean, they didn't go bad before, but yesterday, was a whole new level!

My mom came with me to transfer, because C wasn't sure if he was going to be able to make it.  He had meetings that were planned a month ago.  It was with a big client.  I wasn't upset, but sad for him not to be there.  He mentioned that morning that there was a slim chance he would be able to make it if his meeting got done in time.  Mom and I were sitting in the waiting room and low and behold, C walks in just in time!  I was so surprised! I needed my mom there regardless so she could drive me home... a had my valium to relax ;)

After I was all strapped in, cleaned up, the embryologist came in, I told him my name, and he told me the blast, our 4AB, was doing extremely well and was already expanding (getting ready to hatch, but not hatching yet!).  Dr. Amin did my transfer.  I really love her!  She is very sweet.  Anyway, she seemed to be EXTRA careful.  She put the catheter in, waited for 2 min to ensure my uterus was not contracting, dropped our beautiful 4AB, waiting another min or two before removing the catheter.  I got a GREAT shot of our little emby...

FET #3

We waited 10 minutes.  Got up, peed, kissed C goodbye and my mom drove me home.  I had another friend, L, helping with the boys.  Mom took over once we got home.  I went strait to my bed while she made lunch for all of us.

Rocco, Maximus and Mom all fell asleep on the couch down stairs after swimming, while I got some Zzzz's upstairs.  My mom came in at 5pm saying she just woke up!  So funny!

I was feeling crampy yesterday, a good sign for me and my bb's are already getting big and sore... another good sign my P4 is working, finally!

Today 1dp5dt

I decided that complete bedrest (like I did for FET #2 and got a BFN) was not for me!  Plus my boys needed to get out of the house and burn energy or they are wild ban chi's!  So, I did NO picking up, got them ready and took them to gymnastics class, where I sit and watch.  It was perfect!  Then we got home, ate lunch (I have no help today), and went and floated in the hot tub (set at 95 degrees).  It was awesome!

Symptoms so far: Really crampy today, they are light cramps, but definitely noticeable, and of course sore bb's from PIO

Also, I VOW to NOT test early this time.  It makes me a crazy woman... I cannot do that to my hubby :(

One more thing, my left side/hip/thigh area has gone numb I'm sure from PIO!  Has this happened to anyone before?  It feels really strange.  I must have hit a nerve or something!?

I will leave you with a pic of my lovely shot.  YES that needle has to go  ALL THE WAY IN.

FET #3

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