Tuesday, July 28, 2015

6dp5dt... FET #3!

Today marks the day I got my BFP for FET #1, and the day I tested last month. This month, I have no desire to test. I have no desire to see a pink line, since there is no guarantee there will be a strong BETA. I also don't want to see another BFN, I would want to quit all my meds again! I was an emotional wreck last month... And the month I saw pink lines. I don't know how some of you do it, each and every cycle. I'm am done with the POAS... For now! I even have two FRER's sitting in my bathroom and I'm not tempted in the least.

When I knew l was going to do PIO shots, I also vowed not to symptom spot, since I knew my symptoms would be different and probably stronger. However, it is so hard not to pay attention to everything. I can feel things that are different, and that gives me hope!

The past weekend end was crazy busy, sorry I didn't update! We spent the day at the beach for my nieces 14th birthday (where does the time go?!). I remember when she was born, I was studying abroad in Florance, Italy. I received the email of her beautiful picture and cried! She was so cute and is really turning into such a wonderful young lady (that makes me sound old, but it's true!).

My "symptoms"

3dp5dt- really sore bb's (PIO), crampy, in a melancholy mood. Just relaxed on the beach watching the wave while my parents played with my boys in the waves. It was so nice. It the morning I was super grumpy with C and the boys, but that went away.

4sp5dt- Randomly decided to take basal body temp ... 98.6!  I was irritable again. Super tired, bb's sore, and crampy. These cramps are really throwing me off. I've never had them so bad! It makes me a little worried, but I've also read positive stories with cramps. I had NO sex drive. We are NOT BDing until heartbeat, but I also need to take care of C... I was super grumpy about it. Not in the mood AT ALL!

5dp5dt- in a much better mood today. I woke up at 5, had to pee and could not fall back asleep, but laid there til 630. Took BBT again... 99.0!! That is the highest it has ever been for me! I retook it four times to be sure. All morning I felt to hot like a hot flash. Gagged while brushing teeth. Super duper crampy in the afternoon, felt like period cramps. Gagged while cleaning off the boys lunch plate of leftover hummus. So odd for me. BB's a little less sore? Not sure. Also INCREASED sex drive. Really wanted the BD, but knew we shouldn't... Poor C!

6dp5dt- woke up having the most vivid sex dream, ever! It was so REAL! I've read about that happening to people, but I never understood it... Until now! Maybe it's because we can't BD?! Took temp... 99.1!!!! What?!?! Retook it 4 times and then took C's to make sure my thermometer was working... His was 97.7! I'm not sick at all. I had some light cramps in the morning, but now I feel fine. My bb's are less sore but still full.  My low back is a little achy this afternoon and I'm still really crampy.  I even thought about taking a tylenol, but I know these are period cramps.

That is it for symptoms! This week has been crazy. My poor dog, Oliver, tore his ACL on Saturday. We think from jumping off our back yard table. Didn't see it. He is having surgery tomorrow morning. Please pray for him. He is my first born, my baby :(


Kimberly Taylor said...

I'm TTC on my own this summer before going back to the fertility doc in sept. After a miscarriage earlier this year, this is our third cycle trying. It is SO hard not to read into any of the aches or pains or cramps or whatever the case is! I'm trying so hard NOT to focus on my body and more on what I need to accomplish in my day. But I didnt think abuot chekcing my temp.. will do so when I get home today and again tom. morning! I'm reading a long, cant wait for more :)

amberlynn said...

I'm 8dp5dt. I have a lot of your symptoms and I got my BFP 5 1/2 dp5dt. I hope you get your BFP this time and he/she sticks around :) praying for your pup too!

My Vegas said...

Sex dream was my consistent telling of a bfp do that sounds like GREAT news to me

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Breaks are good during IF. We did a lot of breaks before we conceived the boys. The whole process is so emotionally draining. Did you temp? :)

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Yay!! Congratulations!!!! Today I can feel my symptoms getting stronger... Bb's more sore... And the cramps! Thinking positively!!

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

I must have read it on your blog for sure! Haha!! Symptoms are getting stronger today... :)

Kimberly Taylor said...

I think breaks are important too. I'm trying to feel out a timelime now before we get started on treatments. I did temp, but I havent been consistant. It was 98.72. I've been getting small cramps, like right now I can feel a little something, but I'm only 5dpo. So still trying to focus on my daily activities trying to make it to 10dpo before testing. Day by day!

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