Thursday, October 6, 2016

3dp6dt Transfer numero eight!

Houston, we have symptoms!

I got super bloated from being on Lupron for so long. After stopping, it took a while to go back down.  The day of transfer I woke up and thought, "wow, the bloat is gone!  My stomach is finally going back to normal!"  I actually thought I looked thin again!  Well that is GONE!

This morning I woke up and thought my stomach looked a little bloated and C agreed, but then I didn't think much of it.  As the day went on, I started getting very tired and foggy headed, boobs started getting much more sore, and tonight... I got the bloat!  The bloat I can't suck in... I can't believe it!!!  I'm 90% sure as least one of these little ones attached!  Please Lord keep them growing big, strong and healthy!

The breakdown...

AM:  Woke up multiple times last night, once to pee, vivid dreams (the last couple nights), slightly bloated, hungry, made out with DH and his mouth tasted like metal!

Lunch: opened my salad and it smelled stinky to me, I almost didn't eat it.  Tired and foggy headed, sore bb's and more pulling on the left side in pelvic area.

PM: Sore bb's, and the bloat is back!!!

Please pray for us!!!


Lauree and Mike said...

Yesssssss!!! So so so exciting!!!!!

Mary said...

Wow - I was perusing blogs searching for women writing about their two week wait and found yours. I believe we had our transfer on the same day - Monday, October 3rd! Mine was a five day blastocyst, but otherwise we're on roughly the same schedule. I'm having near to the same symptoms as you, especially the achingly sore boobs. Sending a prayer upwards for you! For us both!

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

How wonderful! I'm glad you find me and it's my guilty pleasure reading blogs during my 2ww!! Keep me posted on more symptoms!! I will pray for you too! ❤️

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