Tuesday, March 23, 2010


came in and I’m anemic and Vitamin D deficient. This totally doesn’t make sense; I am already taking 1000 iu of Vitamin D, I’m light skin, and live in Southern California! Now, Dr. Do has me taking 2000iu.

As far as the anemia, I am sure I am much more anemic now than when I took the blood test. I have been bleeding for a month (on and off)! This did not happen with my last surgery. I am positive that it is because of the BCP. I skipped the placebo pills and when strait to the next pack (per Dr. D), and now I’ve been having tons of break through bleeding (UGH!). I cannot wait until this is all over!

Friday I got off the estrogen patch and the BCP’s and started the Prometrium. Dr. D thought that would stop the bleeding… far from it! It was horrible! (TMI) I woke up soaked in blood after going through TWO supers! Then at church I stood up for the last song and had to run to the bathroom. I felt a gush that went through my pants! Good thing I was wearing a long shirt!

After that experience I decided it was time to call Dr. D again. He was actually excited about the news!?! He said “this is promising! The septum is fully resected and is now trying to lose the lining. Stop the Prometrium and call me when you stop bleeding so we can do the hysteroscopy.” I am a little confused, but excited that I don’t have to go through ANOTHER period next week! I don’t want another for A LONG TIME!!!

C and I decided since we are going to have to wait another cycle that we are going to try on our own this month! Hopefully my body isn’t too messed up from all the hormones and I ovulate early! I’ve been on the Metformin now for almost 5 months. It will be interesting to see what will happen!

On a better note…

Miami was awesome! I absolutely love it! The weather sucked for a couple days then completely cleared and was so beautiful! C and I went walking down in South Beach and then had lunch. Sitting there, I heard so many beautiful languages being spoken. It is very Euro (which is where my heart is!). I love the Cuban feel too. Unfortunately, we did NOT have any Cuban food. I was so looking forward to that, but it was too difficult with all the events with C’s work.

Living in the O.C. and working near L.A. you would think we would see a ton of celebrities. Yes, I’ve seen some, but not like on my Miami trip! On the plane out, we had Ray Jay (Brandi’s brother and from the show For the Love of Ray Jay) and a guy from the Miami Heat. There, we saw the Kardashians (Kourtney, Scott, the baby), Shakiel Oniel, Jeffrey Donavan from Burn Notice. On the Plane home... I was star struck when Kristen Davis from Sex in the City was sitting behind our friends!!! When I got off the plane in LA, I realized Jason from Nsync was also on our plane too! There was paparazzi waiting in the baggage claim asking if the Bachelor was on our plane! He wasn't. We didn't say who was :) Crazy huh!?!

Pics from our trip...

C getting his award!

the two of us after the awards ceremony!

The view from our hotel room!


Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for awhile and I had to comment on the vitamin D deficiency. I was looking online just a couple of days ago and came across this website http://www.naturallyknockedup.com/2009/11/25/boost-your-fertility-with-vitamin-d/
I actually went out and bought some vitamin D yesterday to see if it will help me.
Best of luck to you!!

Sara said...

Thanks for that website!! It had great info on Vitamin D! I started taking it months ago because I read that many people are deficient and because it boosts fertility... little did I know I needed more! Hopefully this is one more thing to help with getting me "knocked up!" :) Sara

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