Tuesday, March 9, 2010


news. I got that balloon out today... finally!! I am so thankful! Dr. D said everything went good and he went over the picks! The bad new is that he changed his mind on doing another hysteroscopy in the office :( Originally he said he wouldn't do one we would just go strait to injectables next month. Well, now I'm going to have to wait ANOTHER MONTH! Ugh! I guess there is some good news in that though... he wants to make sure the septum isn't growing back and there is no scar tissue. He said that if there are either of those, he can just snip it right there (ouch!). Also, I was a little worried that my uterus wouldn't be fully healed and it could rupture if I did get pregnant. I think I read something like that.

So, now I have about 2 1/2 weeks left til I start my period, then I call and schedule the hysteroscopy which has to be between days 5-11. But, the good thing is that I've been on met now for almost 5 months and Chris and I can try on our own that cycle. I think I may take the p4 too, I have some left over. Then if it doesn't work, we have to wait till my NEXT cycle to do follistim in May.

Waiting waiting and more waiting...

More good news for my mental Health... C and I are leaving for South Beach, Florida in the morning! We are going for C's work! He is being awarded for being a top producer in his company (#1 in California!!)! I am very proud of him, he is such a hard worker and good provider. So, I get to skip work and go and support my husband (while laying out by the pool/beach!!). I think this will be good for my emotional/mental health (and for our marriage)! Bon Voyage!

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Kate said...

Hi Sara,

I am sorry you have been on such an emotional roller coaster recently. Even though it stinks to have to wait until May for your next Follistim cycle--if necessary :)--it sounds like you have a really good plan. Have a wonderful time and a much deserved rest in South Beach!

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