Saturday, March 27, 2010


the bleeding stopped the other day! I thought it was NEVER going to end! I called Dr. D to schedule my hysteroscopy. The nurse asked me when I started my period... I have absolutely no idea!?!? I have been bleeding for over a month, so I told her when it got really heavy.

I'm scheduled for Monday at 9:45am and I have to use my last sick day at work. I thought about doing a half day but it really doesn't make sense. It makes things so difficult because I work so far! I figured I would be done by 10:45 at the latest, then I would have to drive over an hour to get there by 12 and have technically two periods to teach. Students leave at 1:50 and I have 6th period lunch... so not worth it.

Today I'm meeting my bff for a day at the spa! I'm really excited to play in the mud... literally! They have different pools to swim in and mud to rub all over yourself! It will be a really fun girls day.

The other day was C's 31st birthday! I got surprised him with a trip to go sports fishing with his buddies. So, today thats where he'll be! Happy BDAY BABE!

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Kate said...

Congrats on the bleeding finally stopping! Enjoy your spa sounds awesome.

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