Friday, June 3, 2011

4 lbs!!!

I've got over 4 lbs of baby in my belly and I couldn't be happier!  I just had such a good appointment at the peri.!  Baby A is measuring 2 lbs even and baby B is measuring 2.1 lbs!  Baby A is in the 49th percentile and Baby B is in the 50th!  They are both doing amazingly well and I totally praise God for it! 

I've been so worried about my cervix because of all the horror stories I hear around me.  Today my cervix was measuring 4.4 centimeters!  I am so proud of my body holding these babies in so well!  Its like I was made to be pregnant!  I just had the difficulty getting here :-/  I don't know how much longer they are going to be measuring.  I've heard that they stop after 28 weeks, as long as everything is holding up well!  We'll see.  I would still be a little paranoid if they stop, I like to know for piece of mind at least.

What was really cute was we got to see baby B to a huge yawn and baby A sucking on his cord.  It was adorable!  Each time I go the babies look so different to me!  Last time they totally looked different, this time exactly the same where they could be identical!  I got a couple good shots of A, but B was pressing his face up against the sac so his face was a little smooshed! LOL.  It was still cute though.

So, I guess there are pro's and con's of the 4D.  I love seeing them, but some of the pics turn out weird where your like "are you sure thats MY kid?" I know this is horrible, but sometimes I freak myself out and think what if they placed the wrong embryo in me!?  But it IS a legitimate fear, I mean it DOES happen.  Very rarely, but it happens.

Anyways, here is my 26 week update!

How Far Along:  26 weeks 1 day

How Big Are the Babies:  14 incher and they are hothouse cucumbers!  So cute!  They are also measuring 2 lbs, although in this updater it says 1.75 lbs.

By now, your babies lungs and brain are much more developed. In fact, your babies can likely detect light and dark through the optic nerve.  Your babies can now also hear more than just your rumbling tummy, such as outside noises like your partners voice.

What is also cool is that they are starting to open their eyes!!!

Total weight gain: I gained 0 lbs this week.  I'm still hoovering at 27 lbs.  I'm having a hard time gaining now since I'm not so hungry.  I think I don't have as much room in there anymore and they are smashing my stomach.

Maternity clothes: All of my clothes!

Sleep: Sleep has been better again.  Its such an up and down thing!  One week good, the next bad.  Who really knows why?

GENDER: Two precious little BOYS!!!! We are more than blessed :)

Movement: ALL THE TIME!!!  Baby A is still head down and now Baby B is transverse, laying with his head on my right and feet on my left, right under my ribs.  I have been really sore in the same spot right in the center of my abs and now I know why... my baby is pressing right there!

Food Cravings: Milk and cereal, fruit.  I have not been hungry very much at all though.  Food isn't all that appealing to me lately.

What I Miss: Nothing right now!  I feel great!  My energy has even picked up, I'm wondering if the extra iron is kicking in!?

What I'm looking forward to: Getting my babies furniture!  Its coming on the 15th!!!

Milestones: Having 2 lb babies inside me!  They are getting so big!!!

Symptoms: I have been feeling lots of pressure and really sore in the neither regions, and of course, heart burn!  Over all though feeling pretty good!  I have much more energy this week!


marilyn said...

oh wow! I feel so excited to be following some one with twins! You are so very lucky! That is strange that they are opening their eyes and can hear you. Do you talk to them or read to them. What abotu music?

My Infertile Confessions said...

Thanks Marilyn! I will sometimes say things to them, like "mommy loves you" or "I can't wait to see you" or "get out of my ribs (I say their name)!" But thats about it. I don't read to them, but I sing in the car and at church, so they are, I'm sure, getting used to my voice :)

Amanda said...

Hi there! Saw you stopped by my blog, congrats on your twins also! I'm looking forward to following along with your story especially since our due dates are so close, I'm sure we'll be going through a lot of the same things :)

Anonymous said...

Wow 4lbs of baby- that is great. Isn't it amazing how fast they grow? It seems like they were just the size of a poppysead and now they are 2lbs!
Your body is doing awesome- I am just a little bit jealous, but very happy that all is going well!
Love how your nursery is coming together-it looks awesome.

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