Thursday, June 16, 2011

TWO more months... TWO!

And I'll get  to my goal of 36 weeks and hopefully meet my little boys!  28 weeks feels really GREAT!  However, I swear, starting at 27 weeks, I have been feeling REALLY pregnant, hence the blog hiatus for a week!  I have been not only feeling really HUGE and UNCOMFORTABLE, but EXHAUSTED!  I honestly don't know what happened.  I was doing so good and then BAM(!!), third trimester starts, with all of its lovely symptoms!

I was feeling much better from taking the extra iron (slow FE), and now I feel like its not even working anymore!  I told my mom that and she (a labor and delivery nurse) suggested that I increase my dose... one in the morning and the evening.  She also said that they have some patients take it up to three times a day, so I felt comfortable adding the extra dose.  Honestly, I've only been taking the extra dose a couple days and I already feel better (placebo effect?).  Not sure if I would be a good person to have on a medical trial! LOL!  But, whatever, as long as I'm feeling better, right?

I've been really focusing on eating iron rich foods, which I know is the best way to get more iron in my diet.  Also iron is better absorbed when eating with vitamin C and less absorbed when eaten with Calcium.  So, I also try to not take my vitamins when I eat my daily bowl of wheat chex (which has 80% iron, BTW).

Okay, enough of the Iron talk... My Twin Baby Shower is in TWO DAYS and I couldn't be more excited!  I think its going to be fabulous!  I'm going to stay at my parents for the weekend, leaving in the morning, and C will be joining me tomorrow night to help set up, etc.  There should be about 40-50 people total, which is going to be more fun!  My friend, a photographer, is going to take lots of pics, so I will have a bunch to post!  I'm soooo excited and CANNOT wait!!!

Even more exciting... the cribs and dresser arrived yesterday!  YAY!  It makes everything so much more real seeing the room come together! And its perfect timing since the shower is this weekend, so we'll have places to put things (hopefully, lots of cute clothes and bedding!).  Here are a couple pics of the room so far...

The mattresses should be arriving soon, we picked out blackout curtains that match the bedding, which I'll order next week, and the rocking chair will be arriving in July (its custom made to order, I guess).

I'm registered for a couple sailboat mobiles from pottery barn.  But, if I don't get them, I'm thinking of ordering this instead... what do you think?

I can hang one in between the cribs so they both have a view.  Its pretty big, measuring 36" wide.  I guess even if I get the mobiles I registered for I can still get this one and take the others back.  We'll see!  This one also goes perfect with the bedding and the sailboats that are going on the wall over their cribs.

I can't wait to post about my (hopefully) fun filled weekend!  I hope you all enjoy yours!


Amanda said...

Totally get how the whole huge, uncomfortable and exhausted thing!! My doctor also told me today to take an extra slow release iron as I've been anemic the whole time, and one isn't doing the trick. Think I need to buy some of that wheat chex!
Can't wait to see pictures of your shower! How exiting!! Love your nursery, and love the sailboat mobile- can't wait to see it all come together :)

Calmly Chaotic said...

Yay for 28 weeks! I am with you in the feeling huge department. I haven't been feeling so tired though but I don't actually do much of anything so that's likely why. Have a great time at your shower. Can't wait to hear about it. The cribs and dresser look great!

Coco said...

I love your nursery!!! So cute and fun, and crisp/clean feeling. :) Love the sailboat carousel too. So cute. I hope your shower is amazing and that you get lots of great stuff! Congrats! :)

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