Thursday, June 2, 2011

98 days...

Until I'm full term (for a singleton)!  That seems like such a short time and the crazy part is that its going be be fewer days than that until I meet my little ones!  I'm 26 weeks today and am so happy about it!  Each passing day and week feels better!  I am becoming more confident with my body doing its job and holding these babies in!

In a few min. I'm headed for the infamous Gestational Diabetes's (GD) test.  I have a few minutes to kill before they open and so I thought I would start writing today's entry.  I am SO not looking forward to the nasty orange drink and the worse part is having to fast and stay there for two hours.  My doctor isn't having me do the one hour, but is having me do the TWO hour GD test.  I am guessing that they get a more accurate reading.  There are so many people I know who fail the one hour then have to take the three hour, then pass that.  I guess this one is the middle ground.  So no breakfast for me today, just a nasty sugary drink!  Off I go...

I'm back but finishing this up tonight.  I took the test at 8am and it was horrible!  I have heard such terrible things about that orange drink that I was prepared for something disgusting.  Honestly it wasn't that bad.  I was so hungry because I was fasting that I downed that drink in a minute, they only give you 5 minutes to drink it.  It really tasted like flat orange soda.  The part that was horrible was having to WAIT to be checked in (there was only one person working) so the 2 hour test was more closer to 3 hours! I got my blood drawn 4 times... a baseline fasting, 30 min after drinking the drink, then another 30 min later, and then one hour after that!  My poor arms!

The babies sure liked the sugar drink though, they were kicking me the whole time!  They were like what is this?  I don't EVER drink soda or eat very much sugar.  It was definitely a shock to my system and theirs!

Kicks are getting much stronger these days.  Every once in a while they make me jump because their so hard.  When they are really going to town I always put C's hand on my tummy, sometimes it freaks him out how much they are moving and he pulls his hand away!  He thinks they feel "alien."  But, I LOVE IT!!!  I really feel this is the most amazing part of being pregnant!

Tomorrow I go back to the perinatologist for another growth scan and cervix check.  I can't wait to hear how big the boys are now!  I would imagine 2 lbs!  Last time they were both measuring 1.2 lbs and that was 1 month ago!  I am praying my cervix hasn't changed either.  Last measurement was 4.1  praying its at least the same!

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