Monday, July 2, 2012

Normal... who me??

Ya thats right!  For the FIRST time in MY LIFE I had a period that was considered NORMAL!  Isn't normal considered 28-35 days?  I just made the cusp!  My last cycle was 35 days... unbelievable!!!  Has pregnancy cured my PCOS??  I doubt it!  However I do find it VERY odd that I had a normal one post pregnancy.  The shortest it ever was when TTC was 42 days and that was when I was on 2250mg of metformin/day.  I am hoping this will be my new normal!  The good news too is that my skin is great!  That is my first sign my PCOS symptoms are returning... breakouts!  Fingers are crossed for this month!

Oh ya... I was on BCP for about 4 months after giving birth.  I hated it.  I totally lost my libido and vowed to NEVER get back on BCP's ever (unless we do IVF again!).  So, yes, that means we are not preventing either!  I figure Rocco and Maximus were such miracles and if we conceive again, that baby would be a miracle.  We aren't "trying" but if it happens... :-)

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