Monday, July 2, 2012

Rocco's Big Day Tomorrow... MRI

Tomorrow is his big day!  For the past two months we have been back and forth on whether to do the MRI or not.  It is SO invasive for an infant!  However last week we had his "pre-op" and I was able to ask his new Ped her feelings on it.  Her answer was, "I feel VERY STRONGLY that he needs to have it done."  That was exactly what I needed to hear.  As hard as tomorrow is going to be for us, I know it is in his best interest.  My fear is that this will only be the beginning, if God forbid, there is something tragically wrong with his palate.  My hope is that this will help us to close the door on this "issue" and that is just how he was made.  However, I was just looking at it today and I am worried that it has increased in size.  I am praying that I am wrong... we will find out soon!

Please pray for us and my little guy!!  I will keep you posted on how it goes!


Allison said...

Stopping by to check in... hope it went as easily as possible for Rocco and the results were good. ((Hugs)) and prayers

Julio Loose said...

I hope Rocco is okay, although it is a wise decision for you to have your child undergo the MRI scan. With this procedure, you can have a bigger picture of your kid’s condition, and the doctors would be able give him a proper diagnosis and treatment ASAP.

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