Monday, April 4, 2016

Prayers for Rocco

Please pray for my boy!  We were up at 5:30 Am to get to the surgery center at 6:30am.  He needed to get tubes in his ears and his adenoids removed.

Mommy, Rocco, and Maximus taken just before surgery
The past year past year we have been dealing with a lot of sickness.  I couldn't understand why when we eat and live so organically, we keep getting sick!  I had horrible horrible allergies last year.  My sons were so sick.  I googled "my house is killing me," because literally I felt like it was.  I thought maybe I was allergic to my cat, maybe there was mold somewhere.  I tried every natural remedy out there... bee pollen, raw honey, essential oils, homeopathy, Chinese medicine.  I finally had to resort to claratin, and then when that stopped working, steroids.  The steroids were only a temporary solution to give my body a break and it was the best I felt in months.

I threatened my husband that I was going to move in to a hotel if it didn't get fixed.  I was desperate. Maximus had a constant little cough and would cough when he ran so we thought it was asthma, Rocco had allergies so bad, he was getting ear infections (my ear infection remedy works wonders and we have avoided antibiotics!) and his tonsils were touching in the back.  His nose was completely blocked.  He was snoring during sleep and couldn't breath out of his nose during the day.  One morning, during the worst of it, he came into my bed and fell back asleep next to me and I literally heard him stop breathing!  Sleep apnea at three and four years old, is never okay!  My husband was the only one totally healthy.

We all got allergy tested and I found out all three of us were allergic to dust mites.  I encased our mattresses, got allergy proof bedding and pillows, etc.  Going forward, I also had our air ducts in our home inspected.  We found out our air ducts were recalled in '98 and had holes in them, sucking attic air in and throughout our home. We installed all new air ducts AND an air scrubber.  It removes 99% of allergens in the home.  Maximus is now completely inhaler free and that little cough is gone (Praise Jesus!)!  Rocco was getting better too, but there were things that still needed to be addressed.

Since seeing an allergist, he caught something that I wasn't not aware of!  Rocco's ears were completely backed up with fluid.  He said having that much fluid in the ear has got to effect his hearing!  A light bulb went off for me!  Rocco does say, "I can't hear it! I can't hear it," about the TV, when I can hear it just fine!  Poor boy!  He sent me to an ENT (Ear nose throat dr.).

I was praying that by some miracle his ears would drain by the time we got there, but no such luck.  The doctor noticed that his adenoids were so swollen and blocking his nose too! Another light bulb!  That was why he couldn't blow out of his nose, was snoring, and not sleeping well.  I researched for days about this surgery, because this was worst case scenario.  There was a chance if we didn't do the adenoids with the ear tubes, we would need to go back again and do them.  I do feel that they were shrinking.  I had him close his mouth, breath in and out of each nostril and he could do it.  But then the other night he was still snoring.

Adenoids are like tonsils, they can cause more harm then good, and sadly for my boy they were doing just that.  The doctor said they were working over time, and thus, making him sick.  I read countless positive stories of, "this was the best thing I every did for my child,"  to "my child hasn't needed antibiotics in years since the surgery."  To me this was the best news!

Surgery is surgery.  It is scary!  And as much as I truly try to avoid western medicine and especially surgery, it does have its place.

Now, he is napping, and hopefully healing nicely.  We are praying for a speedy recovery and health!
Rocco post surgery.  He was shockingly smiling here, but it was really rough when he was waking up.  He was coughing , crying and disorientated.

At home resting today. Cuddling is the best medicine of all!


Lauree and Mike said...

Oh hun! You are such a strong mommy! Victor had to go under general anesthesia for dental surgery earlier this year. I thought I was going to puke with fear. Our love for our babies is so great that we'd throw ourselves in front of trains to protect them. I would have undergone the surgery in his place a million times if I could. I am so so so happy to read Rocca is already out of surgery and healing at home. Such a sweetheart!!

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Awwww... It's so hard seeing our babes go through surgery! Victor is lucky to have you for his momma! Thank you for your prayers and concern! He is doing awesome!

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