Monday, April 18, 2016

Sims day 8, 9, 10! IVF #3

So, I've started an IF Instagram if you want to follow me on there too (twinmommaSara_ttc)!  I'm posting on both places.  This one I'm more detailed on my emotions and what is going on with everything.  But, I post more on there... pics etc.  Instagram is has an amazing support group for infertility, IVF, and all things TTC.  The hashtag #IVFsisters is a great one to connect!  Its also fun following other sisters who are cycling the same time as you.

I added my fourth shot!  Here is my latest meds list:
5 iu lupron
1cc menaBURN (I say that bc it burns!)
1 cc HGH (Human Growth Hormone)
150 iu gonal-f 

This day was awesome.  I was still feeling good.  I had to go to the RE to have them mix up the Saizen (HGH) and get my third shot of the day in the morning.  When we (the boys and I) came back home, my friend Crystal came over with her kiddos.  It was such a beautiful day!  I heated up the pool for the kids to swim, while we lounged outside in the sun.  The pic above was taken at the boys t'ball game.  They were exhausted!  After the game they told me they didn't like baseball anymore, I honestly don't like it.  Its so demanding and my kids are only four!  I signed them up only for my husband who loves it!

I have one lead follicle measuring 20mm and another bunch measuring 16 and another bunch measuring 13.  Dr is going to ignore the lead follicle, pray it doesn't ovulate.  It shouldn't since i'm still on lupron.  We are going for the second bunch.  My E2 rose to 1900 so I'm starting the OHSS diet... staying away from carbs, sugars, and eating lots of fats, veggies, salt.  I'm adding himalayan salt to my water and drinking coconut water.

We went to a friend of the boys bday party.  I came home so exhausted! I started drinking the electrolyte water, but not the diet so much for lunch bc there weren't many options.  I cam home, my belly hurting and I was so tired.  Last night for dinner I just ate a burger no bun and salad.  I woke up feeling so much better.

Stims day 10!  This was from this morning.  I was hoping I would be ready to trigger, but I wasn't counting on it.  I've had to swim for 11 days the last two times.  Follicles are growing...

The one with the X is my lead follicle which is already at 26!  Its probably going to get over ripe ;)  but that is okay!  We are triggering tomorrow night!!!  I was thinking we were going to have less eggs, but I'm not so sure!  My Estrogen rose again from 1900 to 3200... OHSS here I come! :(  Just praying my diets helps!

 I will leave you with a pic from today of my free-spirited child, Maximus.  I just love him so much!


Lauree and Mike said...

Exciting stuff! If you are planning on a fresh embryo transfer, will you have your progesterone level measured at the time of trigger? I only ask because that lead follicle may already be putting off progesterone throwing off the receptivity of you uterus on the day you plan to transfer!! They can test progesterone the day of trigger to see for sure. "Progesterone levels of over 3.5 ng/mL on the day of HCG trigger have been associated with a lower rate of pregnancy." I actually read anything over 1.0 isn't great. Looking out for you girl!!

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

They didn't test it today :( I got my e2 levels only and they are at 4200. I should have asked! We are planning on a fresh transfer of two then PGS testing the rest. Thanks for that info!

Lauree and Mike said...

Can you call and ask for them to test it tomorrow?

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

I didn't. It was just too much. Putting it all in Gods hands and hoping for the best! ❤️

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