Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stims Day FIVE! IVF #3

I took this pic after leaving my RE! I went in worried because I thought they didn't order me enough Gonal-F, but to my surprise my favorite nurse, Patty, blessed me with a FREE gonal-F pen! She had it saved for me because sometimes the reps come in with samples. So sweet! We are paying 100% out of pocket so this was sure a blessing and a huge surprise!

Everything is going great! Estrogen rose to from 71 Monday to 280 today, and I have at least 10 follies on each ovary measuring from 7-10mm :) I'm guessing 5-6 more days of stims, this is going quick!

Once they get to 14mm we are adding Saizen HGH  (Human Growth Hormone) for three days to help with egg quality, which will hopefully be this weekend! :) It's getting real ladies... And I'm gettin excited again. I've been just going through the motions, scared to get my hopes up to fail again. But we have to have hope, at least a little 🙏🏻❤️

My current meds...
AM: Lupron 5iu
        Menapur 1cc
PM: Gonal-F 150u (bumped up from 100 Monday after my 71 estrogen level)

Here are a few more pics of my week!

Mixing my MenaBURN!  I forgot how much this stuff burns!  I just inject super slow and its much better.

My mornings... ;)
Day 3 I woke up with a migraine.   Thankful for my littles who kept me company on the couch.  Its all those extra hormones!

I've been eating super clean!  Green juices daily!

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Lauree and Mike said...

Yay! Sounds like things are progressing amazingly well!!!! When is your next check?? You are a great producer!!!!

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