Friday, January 8, 2010

Hysteroscopy day...

Well today's the day! I took a day off of work because I go for my hysteroscopy at 11:15. I started my antibiotics yesterday and then I take them till tomorrow. I am going to make sure my uterus has healed correctly since I had my surgery (removal of the septum) last April. I'm am about 99.9% sure it has. I honestly believe that the missing piece of the puzzle was the Metformin. I have been reading so many amazing things from people who have taken it. For example, one girl went through 4 1/2 years of of ttc, doing every kind of fertility treatment all gave her a BFN (so sad!). Then the doctor gave her metformin, then BAM (!) pregnant two months later! Here is a link to the success stories :

It REALLY pisses me off! There has been so much research stating that all pcos'rs benefit from met. It NEEDS to be protocol! Why is there a lack of information for doctors? Why do I need to be my own self advocate to get the RIGHT things done? Some how in some way, the word needs to be spread. Too many women are suffering, not getting the information and help they need with their (unexplained?) symptoms! Its Bull shit!

I am happy that there are websites such as Soulcysters, that provide us women with support. It has definitely benefited me from reading.

On a different note, Dr. D wants to do and IVF consultation after my hysteroscopy. I am going to listen with an open mind, but tell him that Chris and I plan to give the Met 6 months... that would bring us to May. I started Metformin on 12/7/09. And BTW, since I have bumped it up to 1500 mg a couple weeks ago, I feel FABULOUS!!! I am beginning to have more energy, I am less hungry and I have lost almost 3lbs!!! I feel like my body is starting to function like a NORMAL human being!!!

I have goals for this new year (which I am feeling soooo optimistic about!). I am turning 29 on Sunday, Jan. 10. I can not wait to be 29, I am ready for 28 to be over it was a difficult year. 29 is going to bring new and exciting things... I just feel it! My New Years resolution is to GET PREGNANT! I know that is not COMPLETELY in my control, but I am planning on doing everything in my power. Here is what I'm doing now:

1) Walking every day (No gym, toned down my workouts)
2) Weights at home (2-3 days/week)
3) Low GI diet (easy and yummy!) (Book: The New Glucose Revolution by Jennie Brand-
Miller... given to me by my dietitian)
4) 3 fish oils w/ breakfast
5) prenatal
6) Vitamin D3
7) Calcium
8) 1500 mg Metformin with dinner
9) Acupuncture (once a week) and Chinese herbs (everyday)
10) Breathing exercises to lower cortisol (from dietitian)

That's it! Bring on 2010!!

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Mickelle said...

Met is so important! You look like you're at a very healthy weight... this article just got made a sticky and has to do with met, thought you might like it:

...And I'm sorry the one entry you read is OF COURSE the one announcing my pg. But 2010 is here to bring us all good things! You are doing great at taking charge of the situation.

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