Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My friend "G"

A good friend of mine, who I'll call "G," has also gone through so much with getting pregnant... including doctors not knowing what the he** they are doing... is finally VERY pregnant! She has officially reached 5 months and looks wonderfully pregnant, something I find completely and utterly beautiful. Actually, I don't think she's ever looked more beautiful. She definitely has the pregnancy glow. Anyways, after two miscarriages and four years of not knowing why they couldn't conceive, she is finally very happily pregnant. I am so happy for her!

At first it was weird talking the pregnancy with G. I knew how long she and her husband tried, but it was still hard hearing about her symptoms. Ultimately, I was thrilled when she called me to tell me she was pregnant. G had been trying 3 years longer than I... she deserves to get that blessing. She is also one of those cases where they had "quit" trying and it happened. They were originally diagnosed "unexplained," but early last year found out it was PCOS. I still don't understand how so many doctors are uneducated on what seems like an epidemic, but that’s for another entry. She was never put on Metformin, never did fertility meds, but instead prayed... patiently prayed. She is someone who inspires me through IF. She had the courage and the patients to wait on God.

It is something that is a CONSTANT challenge... waiting. Praying... and waiting. Well, my friend G had told her mom about my latest news. It just so happened that last week, G's moms work (a church) was having a week of prayer and fasting. Her mom decided to pray and fast for Chris and I. G called me later in the week to tell me that God had revealed some things to her mom... God wants to do Miracles in our lives, but we need to draw close to him so that he will be glorified through it. That was exactly what I needed to hear. It brought me back to reality... brought me back of again, giving IF to the Father. I don't need to be in control, He is in control. The burden is lifted again.

After reflecting on what G’s mom said, I began considering ways to “draw closer to God.” How do I do that? Well Chris (who is not a big reader and doesn’t have a personal devotional time) and I decided one way that we can do that is to read one Psalm and one Proverb a day together. It is simple, quick, and they are really inspiring and uplifting. We also say a prayer regarding what we read and what ever we feel led to pray at that time… so far so good. I really enjoy it and truly hope it not only strengthens our relationship with the Father, but also with eachother.

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