Sunday, January 24, 2010

To try or not to try...

Well I'm CD24. I am getting close to O, hopefully it will be a little sooner this cycle, since I'm on the Met now. The last two cycles I O'd on CD30, which made my cycles 43days each. But the question is, do we try for baby even though my septum is back and I'm scheduled for surgery in exactly 32 days? If we do try and get pregnant, what if I miscarry or worse, have preterm labor later on? Chances are, since I have NEVER been pregnant, I will NOT get pregnant this cycle.

My other thought is if I did get pregnant, it would be a miracle and maybe that baby is meant to be. I just don't want to do anything that will make this waiting process any longer... because I am SUPER excited to get this surgery over with. That is my rambling for the day. I have to get my thoughts out some where... my husband can only handle so much!

I am also SUPER excited because Chris made 'Presidents Club' at work! He is being awarded with a trip to South Beach... and I'm able to go because of when my surgery is! We were worried that the timing would be bad, but we leave on March 10th, 13 days after my surgery. I will just be getting that balloon out and will hopefully be feeling good.

Right now, since we are not officially ttc, I am back working out, hoping to tone up a bit so I'm not completely embarrassed to get in a bathing suit then.

We found our dream home yesterday! It has been so hard deciding where we want to move next. Currently we live in a tri-level town home that is sooo not kid friendly. But, if we got PG by next April, our baby(ies) would be due in January and then that gives us another year before they start walking to save up enough money for a big down payment.

We have been watching these homes for a while. It is a new housing track in a awesome location by the beach. This is going to be one of the last new home developments in the area. There are parks and plenty of trails that take you through a preserved area, great for bird watching!

Yesterday we took Oliver (my pup) down through the trails. It was such a beautiful day after being inside for a week because of the rain! It is nice to have a plan and a focus on what we want for our future! Now, all we need are some babes to bring along!

So, since I'm a planner, and I like to know what to expect with all this ttc stuff. I figured out all my upcoming dates:

Feb. 25 surgery, Get on estrogen patches
March 8 Get balloon out of my uterus
March 10 Leave for South Beach!
March 18 get off estrogen patches
March 21 start Period
March 23 start folllistim
April 5ish trigger/IUI

Yea!!!! I am praying this is it!


The Mrs. said...

I am such a planner too!! I know exactly how you feel! That is awesome about the house! Good luck! And good luck with your surgery! I will say a prayer that everything will work out exactly how it is supposed to!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah! I just found your blog today and look forward to following you through your journey. Plans are great! I'm totally a type A personality with a lot of OCD and must always have a plan! I'm a better person for it. Best of luck to you!
PS...your wedding picture is BEAUTIFUL!

My Infertile Confessions said...

ha ha... ya my husband always comments how OCD I am! I like things a certain way... But thats how we get things accomplished ;0)

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