Saturday, October 9, 2010

CD 30

and still no Ovulation.  I LOVE PCOS... NOT!  Why is this happening!?  I upped my metformin to 2250mg and my cycle is longer than EVER!  I was Oing on CD 22-25 on 1500mg.  This so does not make sense. 

The good news is I went in to see my new RE today... Dr R.  He did an ultrasound to first see if I could be PREGNANT!  I laughed at the thought of that.  "Nope.. I haven't even ovulated!"  He asked how I knew and I responded that I did OPK's.  It is somewhat true.  The truth is that I took my temp and it was 96.7 in the AM.  If I've ovulated it would be over 98.  For some reason, doctors won't take you serious if you say that you just took your temp.

So he looked at the lining of my uterus and it was at 9.6mm; kind of thick.  Of course my ovaries were covered in follicals, but I had 2 bigger ones, one on each side measuring at about 11 mm.  So, my eggs were getting ripe just takin so dang long!  I guessed it would have been another week or two til I ovulated (because I always do on my own just late).  I don't think it is all that healthy to have these long cycles so I'm going to take provera for the next 10 days.  Otherwise it could have been a month until I started my next cycle.  So frustrating!

On another note... I'm doing much better than the other day!  I had to cry it out and then just move forward.  I love how crying can make you feel better :)


MK said...

Man, it's so true about the temp thing. I felt like whenever I mentioned taking my temp to my doctor, her eyes just kind of glazed over. I love her but yeah, I can definitely tell she had no interest in my BBT.
I don't know how you're handling 2250mg of Metformin, btw! I thought I was going to die on less than 2000!

Sara said...

Were you on extended release? I don't think I could handle the regular met. I haven't had ANY issues with Metformin XR. I take 3 750mg all at dinner... no prob! I was a little nauseated in the first month, but that was it. Not sure how I handle it either, but I am not sure its working for me... my cycle is longer than on the 1500 mg!

MK said...

Oh yeah, no, I was just on the regular stuff. I heard XR is much better. I might've given it a shot except I started taking cinnamon and chromium supplements instead (and started exercising), so my insulin resistance went away!

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