Sunday, October 24, 2010

I think we hit the JACKPOT...

in insurance!!  I am so excited!  Because we had a change in status (me quitting my job), and C and I were both insured through the school district, we were able to go to his company insurance before Open Enrollment.  I did a lot of research prior to choosing, but did not know exactly what would be covered for IF entirely.  We chose United Health's POS plan (HIGHLY recommend!).  I hadn't heard of a POS plan prior to his company offering it.  I thought there was HMO and PPO and that's it.  Well, We chose the POS plan which is only little more per month than the PPO.  We get to choose our doctors (NO MORE REFERRALS... THANK YOU GOD!), choose our hospitals, and 90% of everything is covered with the exception of IF treatments.  For IF, EVERYTHING IS COVERED... INCLUDING IVF!!!  I got a call from Dr. R's office stating our benefits and I could not believe it!!!

I truly feel that God has been leading us to this point.  It is amazing!  Last year I made one of the most difficult decisions of my life... to quit my career as a high school teacher (after months of prayer and seeking Gods provisions for C and I).  That alone has been a blessing to us.  Secondly, I felt an urgency (led from the Holy Spirit) to get our medical records from Dr. D and found C's semen analysis which was far from stellar and made us reconsider who our RE should be. Thirdly, I found Dr. R, but because our current HMO insurance didn't include him, we decided to go with the POS.  I was originally going to just switch medical groups but then that would have been a hassle because I didn't like the hospitals they were associated with.  My dream is to have our bambini (babies in Italiano) at Hoag Hospital which overlooks Newport Beach Harbor.  I want a room with the Ocean view (jk... not really! LOL!)!  Plus the hospital is amazing and has a great track record with phenomenal doctors.  I would feel very safe delivering there :) Fourthly, in the last two weeks we have had three people to tell us to do IVF.  A couple of our friends who have two girls, a woman at church who I had shared briefly my story, and then the other night one of my girlfriends who's sister has pcos and went through everything (almost) that we have and finally got her daughter via IVF.  I told her Dr. R wanted to do a couple of clomid cycles before doing IVF and she said "my sister would tell you to just do the IVF, its too emotional going through clomid if it hasn't been working already."  And Fifthly,  I haven't drank any Alcohol in over 10 weeks.  This was totally Gods leading.  I have been prepping for this moment and I didn't even realize it.

So, C and I were talking last night and we made a decision... we are doing IVF next cycle!!!  But shhhh... its a secret!  We aren't telling anyone... not even my mom!  It is going to be very difficult, but we feel that with all that we have been through, we want to do this together and then share the good news when it comes.  We don't want to get anyone's hopes up anymore.  It has been 28 months since we began this journey together, with so many ups and downs.  We have shared the process with so many friends and relatives that we are ready for it to be just us two.    Sharing didn't get us anywhere.  It has been a long hard road which I never thought would end with IVF, but here we are.  We are ready.

I am still waiting for my period.  I am CD 45 and 6 days post Provera.  I am now glad that it has taken a while to my period (everything happens for a reason in Gods planning).  When we got home last night, I emailed Dr. R...

Hi Dr. R!

We are STILL waiting for my period over here.  I'm cycle day 44 and 5 days post provera.  Anyways, C and I were talking.  We are now thinking we just want to do the IVF.  Its been 28 months since we started ttc and we are tired of waiting... Plus we have full coverage on our new insurance (united health POS plan!).  Can we do that this up coming cycle or is it pushing it?

I still want to have a look at the inside of my uterus (sonohysterogram?) to make sure all is okay and have C's second semen analysis, which I'm going to schedule this week. 

Not sure when my period is going to start, but I would love to do IVF!  We are ready!

Thanks, S

I didn't think I would get a response til Monday, but I woke up to this from him...


Your cycle should start within the next few days. If it doesn't, please let know. Beforehand, we need the semen analysis and we will so the sonohysterogram while you're on birth control pills (BCPs), which is the first med you'll take. Call us when you cycle starts. We'll see you on or before day 3 of your cycle. If everything isn't perfect, we won't do IVF.

Dr. R"

C and I are SUPER excited and trust him completely.  I know this is the right decision I can feel it in my heart!  


daega99 said...

Oh wow! This is wonderful! All the best!


Calmly Chaotic said...

That is amazing news!!! It seems like this was just meant to happen for you! I wish Canadian companies had the same benefits!! This should definitely take some of the stress away!

Sara said...

Thanks Ladies... SUPER excited!!!

KD said...

Wow, praise the LORD!! Praying for you!!

~your newest follower. :) KD

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