Monday, October 18, 2010

Ok... so I fell off the wagon!

I know, I know.... I was so pumped about this diet!  But I just couldn't do it.  I did it for one week and then the weekend killed me.  I was going to have a "cheat day," and I couldn't start again.  That's the problem... if you have to have a cheat day on a diet then its not a good diet.  That is my theory.  What has been working for me the best is the Zone.  I have been doing it since May,AND I have lost weight.  I guess the reason I was going to try this Paleo is because of my pcos.  I don't like that I have to take medication to get my hormones under control.  I was hoping I could CURE my disease.

Well it is what it is.  I no there is no cure.  I can only do my best to keep my insulin as even as possible... balancing protein, carbs, and fat.  Plus, I still can eat ALL that God gave me :)  I enjoyed my favorite breakfast... steal cut oats with blueberries and 2 eggs over medium!

I got to thinking about the Paleo yesterday and was like "Starches are a staple in EVERY culture!"  Italians have pasta, Germans have potatoes, Japanese have rice, etc.  They are there for a purpose!  Having pcos, we just cannot eat too much of them and balance them in a healthy, well rounded diet.

Sorry if I confused anyone :(

On a better note... today is my LAST day of Provera!!!  Thanks God!  Hopefully, I will be starting my period in a couple of days!  Then I'll be back at the RE!

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