Monday, October 25, 2010

She's HERE...

Yes the infamous AF FINALLY arrive.  After 10 days on Provera and 7 days waiting, I am thrilled to say I have bad cramps!  I was able to call Dr. R's office this morning to share my good news. 

C and I are both going to go in on Wednesday.  I have to go for what I believe is an u/s and to get bcp's.  C is going to give his manly goods which, I guess, they will culture (required for IVF) and do the standard checks... #'s, motility, morphology, etc.  and we both have to get blood work.  C is devastated about the blood work.  He is so scared of needles and almost passed out last time!  I however, am a pro!  I have had so many shots in my life its crazy!  When I was a kid I had to have allergy shots twice a week in each arm for asthma , I also used to give blood (I'm B+ a more rare blood) until I started these IF treatments and became anemic (which I'm not anymore), and of course all of the Follistim shots in the tummy with tons of blood work.  I seriously feel like a human pin cushion, which I'm sure many of you relate! 

So I was doing some research on IVF yesterday and was trying to figure out the time line.  I was wondering how long on BCP's, Lupron, etc.  Normally, you have to be on BCP's for two weeks.  I was able to go over the potential schedule with the nurse the morning.  Unfortunately, I will be on BCP's an extra week because their lab is going to be down for a week (I'm assuming for Thanksgiving?) so everything is going to be pushed back a week or so.  But she said my retrieval will be around the 9th or 10th of Dec with the transfer around the 12th or 13th (I think).  I will know more on Wednesday.  Does that mean that is would be a 3day transfer?  What is better a 3 or 5 day transfer?

Can't wait to find out ALL of the details!!!


Calmly Chaotic said...

You must be excited to be moving forward! I started BCPs on Friday and will be on them until the 11th of november. You can see my full schedule here . I am on them for 3 weeks but start suprefact next week I believe. I too am horrible with needles and often do faint with blood drawn. I would tell your husband to tell the nurse that he needs to lie down (I know he may not want to do this but believe me, it is always better lying down).

As for 3 day versus 5 day... I've read so much conflicting information. I know our clinic pushes for a 5 day transfer but have read that some embryos are just happier inside of us and that a 3 day transfer is preferred. I think making it to transfer is the biggest thing. Best of luck to you!

The Infertility Doula said...

It's amazing how much tougher we are than men sometimes!

As for your upcoming cycle, check out an entry I wrote called "What to expect when you're IVFing" Hope it helps. You can't know yet whether it will be a 3 or 5 day transfer. A lot will depend on the amount and quality of your embryos. Good luck!

Keiko said...

How exciting - looks like the ball is rolling and there's no going back! And if you can be there for your husband's bloodwork, it might help him to have that extra support. I **hate** needles and yet have regular bloodwork every 6 weeks. If I'm not concentrating on making sure I don't pass out, I will. It's pretty nuts. But sometimes it's very helpful to have someone there to hold my hand :)

Good luck on your upcoming cycle & Happy ICLW!
~Keiko, Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed (ICLW #142)

Karenda said...

Yay....i know you must be excited. I think most of us can totally relate to the "feeling like a pin cushion" thing! I can't give you any advice about the whole IVF thing, but I do want to let you know that i am thinking and praying for a successful cycle for you this month! Good Luck!

Kristin said...

Hehehe, my hubby is terrified of needles too.

Wishing you the very best of luck with your upcoming cycle.

ICLW #14

Sara said...

Thanks ladies!! I read all of your suggestions to C last night... he liked! We'll see how he does tomorrow!

Doula, I read the "what to expect..." Very informative! Thank you! I had no idea what it all entailed since this was such a last min decision. All I knew was it included lots of shots!

The Wifey said...

Yay congrats on getting this cycle started!
I was on BCP for 3 weeks also. Besides it putting your cycle for stims at bay until the office is available it also helps to suppress while stimming and helps to prevent OHSS. So you can be happy that you are getting a little bit more of that ;-)

Also, I have heard that day 5 is ideal but they will do day 3 if there aren't as many surviving by that that way it's not a waste. It also depends on your situation. Like age. The younger you are the more likely it is to go to day 5 b/c of the health of the eggs as opposed to the older you are, they will most likely do a day 3 if you are 38+. That is just what I heard. This is my first round with IVF, so I really have no personal experience just yet. Retrieval for me is hopefully next week!

Believe it or not, this cycle with the BCP and all, has moved VERY fast. I hope yours moves just as fast too :-)

Anonymous said...

Here for ICLW and wishing you SO much luck. The other commenters are right - 5 day transfers are usually used when you have a bunch of great quality embryos and they want to wait and pick the best one(s) and 3 day transfers are usually for when you don't have as many, or not as many good quality, embryos. With that said, I am now 8wks pregnant with my first baby after a 3day transfer (from our 5th IVF cycle)! Hope you'll be one of the lucky IVFers and only need to do it once!


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