Saturday, August 29, 2009

The dreaded 2ww...

Its horrible! Not only have I felt horrible, but its horrible that I don't know whats really going on in there. I am now currently 5 dpo. Its Saturday. Its been officially one week since I got my HCG trigger, 6 days since my first IUI and 5 since my second. Here is what my week has been like:

Monday: IUI, cramps all day, nap, laid around, watched TV, Eat, Bed.
Tuesday: Cramps all day, laid around, watched TV, eat, Laid around, watch tv, took the dog on a very leiserly walk with DH, watch TV, Stayed at my parents with DH.
Wednesday: Cramps all day, went on a walk with mom and dogs, rested, went shopping, rested, read book, ate dinner, went home, bed.
Thursday: Cramps on an off all day, went swimming, picked up house, have a little more energy, rested, made dinner, TV, Bed.
Friday: Cramps on and off all day, did laundry, internet, went to beach, went to dinner with DH's bosses, Sleep.
Saturday: Woke up with AF like cramps, feel tired.

So here I am tired again and still with cramps. I don't get it. I feel like I'm going to start my period, but I know that's not possible. I keep having moments where I think I'm pregnant (I have to be!) and moments where I just know I'm going to get another BIG FAT NEGATIVE! I will be heart broken. I can't wait til the 2ww is o-v-e-r. Its dreadful.

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