Tuesday, August 18, 2009


was our second anniversary! Which is why I'm blogging today. I was very busy yesterday... for good reasons.

My first appointment post shots was also yesterday. I went in for my u/s, Dr. D checked my ovaries and they are responding. I have a ton of eggs on each ovary measuring 10mm, which is good after three days of shots. I did my blood work and Dr. D called later in the afternoon to tell me that my estrogen level was at 80 (I guess that's good!). I am responding to the VERY low dose of 75. He is keeping me at this level for the next two days. I go in again tomorrow for more blood work and u/s.

I asked a couple more questions this time because I forget every other time I go in. I asked, "what are my chances of multiples?" Dr. D replied that "every couple using injectables has a 20- 25% chance of having multiples, however because you have so many follicles, you have a higher chance." hmmm.... made me think.... he continued, "I am keeping you at a low does so we don't have too many eggs and then have to shut down the 'operation.'" I asked, "how many eggs is too many?" He replied, "I really don't want to have more than three, we don't want you on the cover of People." There it was again!!! Another dig at all the moms with 4+ babies. Geeze... I don't want that either!!

Anyways, I am excited that the Follistim is working and I get to stay on such a low dose! I'm still on the first vile :)

For our lovely anniversary, we went and got massages together, then went to Balboa Island and went to a cute lil Italian Restaraunt called Amalia's ... Very Yummy! I have not been drinking any wine, but did have a glass... It was our anniversary!!


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