Monday, August 24, 2009

Things changed...

Quick! Saturday I went in for my next u/s and my follies grew from 18 and 17 to 22mm each! The NP did the HCG trigger on the spot. My DH and I were very shocked, nervous, and excited. We weren't really ready for that since we both had mentally prepared for sunday trigger.

I had my first IUI on Sunday. We had an appt. for a drop off at 10 for the semen wash, then IUI at 11. Dr. D checked to see if I had ovulated and I hadn't yet, so I had 76 million strong swimmers waiting for my lil eggs to release. Dr. D was impressed with my DH's #'s because we had only abstained for technically 1 1/2 days (we though IUI was Monday). He said he likes to see more than 10 million, so that was great!

I do NOT like how they do the IUI. They use metal, not plastic, tool to open your vag up, no KY, only H2O. It is not the most comfortable procedure. Then the nurse inserts a catheder into your cervix and immediately your uterus contracts, then continues to contract while she inserts the semen. I was crampy the entire day following, but did fine with some tylenol.

Today I went in for IUI#2. This time at 7 and 8. EARLY! My DH had to work though, so we had to go that early. U/S showed that I had ovulated, which I knew I did (I'm very in tuned with my body... I feel everything!), and BOTH eggs released!!!

Once home, I continued to feel crampy and so I layed down and took a nap. Plus I was extremely tired from the lack of sleep due to being excited about all thats going on :)

So here are my current stats summed up:

Follistim Cycle #1
8/14: 75iu
8/17: u/s lots of follies 10mm b/w E2: 80
8/19: u/s one at 15mm one at 14mm, b/w E2:91
low E2 upped dosage 100iu
8/21: u/s one at 18mm one at 17, lots of smaller.
b/w E2: 220; maintaining 100iu
8/22: u/s two mature at 22mm!! HCG trigger!
8/23: IUI #1 74 million strong swimmers!
8/24: IUI #2 40 million strong swimmers!
8/24: starting progesterone suppositories am/pm
8/31: progesterone blood test
9/7: test date!!!

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