Friday, August 7, 2009

Wow, wow, and wow...

I am shocked scared and excited all at the same time. On Wednesday I went in to Dr. D's office and saw the NP (Nurse Practitioner) to get a progesterone shot (ouch!) on my bum to start my period. I'm only on CD 21 and with my cycles the way they are, I would've been waiting a while to get this baby makin show on the road. The shot itself didn't hurt too bad, but it now has a bruise and is pretty sore. I even feel it when I go running, which is weird. I guess its the pounding from the pavement.

After the shot I asked the NP what the next steps were. Dr. D gave a couple options a while ago, but never said anything definitively. I new it was either Clomid + IUI or Injectables +IUI. "Dr. D wants to put you on injectables." OMG, really? I wasn't really prepared for that. I just assumed since I haven't tried anything else that I would try Clomid first. The NP explained that with my ovaries the way they were with the "classic string of pearls" and 30-50 follicals on each ovary, they didn't want me to HAVE A LITTER! I replied "I don't either!"

Its kinda been a joke with my DH and I with our close friends and family that we didn't want to me the next Octomom or Jon and Kate. Speaking of Kate, she actually came to our church this year to promote her book an talk about how she and Jon are Christians and are so happily married (but the show cuts that part out), and then a week later Kate and Jon were separating and possible divorcing. I was thinking hmmmm... thats interesting. What she saying and doing are in two separate categories. Anyways I guess thats a topic for another blog.

According to the NP Injectables are safer because they can better gauge how well my ovaries (and follies) are taking the meds and then they are able to adjust the meds accordingly. This is so they don't over stimulate my ovaries. Whereas with Clomid, a pill is a pill, you can't take more or less one day to the next. The outcome is what it is. Hence the need for some women to have to up the dosage the next cycle.

I have to say. I am very excited! Today my order showed up and I received all my meds. I will be taking Follistim AQ (300 unit, 1 vile), Progesterone suppositories, and HCG. I have no idea how to use this stuff yet, but will find out as soon as I start my period! The follistim cam in a ice pack and I had to put it in the fridge right away. There was also two vile's of meds for other shots, and the "pen" for the follistim. I can see how Dr. D will be able to monitor the dosage by the twist of the top of the pen, more or less meds come out in the shot. I showed my DH and he got faint. What is up with men? I don't get it. Anyways he told me he will not be able to give me any shots or he'll pass out! (Another topic for another blog!)

I'm an avid googler. When I don't know something or want to know something, I look it up. Therefore, as soon as I got home I jumped on my comp and I looked up info. and the schedule for Injectables. It states:

Injectables are usually done in conjunction with IUI to get a better success rate, but can also be done with timed intercourse.
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Menstrual period starts

2 3

Baseline blood and ultrasound

Day 1 of stimulation

Start FSH shots ("injectables")


Day 2 of stimulation

FSH shot


Day 3 of stimulation

FSH shot


Day 4 of stimulation

FSH shot


Blood and ultrasound

Day 5 of stimulation

FSH shot


Day 6 of stimulation

FSH shot


Blood and ultrasound

Day 7 of stimulation

FSH shot


Stimulation is done - HCG "trigger" shot given in evening

Day 8 of stimulation

11 12

Insemination, IUI - (or timed intercourse) in morning

13 14

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