Friday, August 14, 2009

No Easter Hunt Needed Here...

I am on CD 3 and I had my appointment with Dr. D this morning. I was very excited.. especially because my DH came with me.

When I called a few days ago to let them know I started my period (which only took exactly 1 week from the time I received my progesterone shot!), they warned me that they have to do an ultrasound to ensure my ovaries have no cysts on them(THANK YOU PCOS!!!). So the last few days I was so worried that I would have a giant cyst or something and wouldn't be able to begin my injections tonight. But again I had to remind myself (as well as, my mother had to remind me), that it is in God's hands.

Once we arrived to Dr. D's, I got undressed for the u/s. We were both a little nervous about what he might say. I knew I had a lot of follicles, but I wasn't prepared for his comment. First he showed me and DH my NEW AND IMPROVED uterus... then my ovaries and said, "Wow you have a ton of eggs!" I replied, "well that's a good thing, right?" Dr. D continued, "Yes, but we don't want you to be the next OCTOMOM." My husband interjected, " Ya we definately don't want to be the next Chris and Sara plus eight either!" We all kinda laughed. But, its the reality, and its scary!

After I got dressed we went into the other room and went over instructions on how to inject myself (DH is too scared of needles to help me). He is starting me on the lowest dose, of 75, over the weekend to see how my EGGS and ovaries respond. My appointments for next week will be on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and possible every day following Friday. Then he said they want to do two IUI's, possibly starting the following Monday, depending on how my egg's do. HOW EXCITING!!! I COULD BE PREGNANT IN 2 WEEKS!! Please pray for me and my husband if you read this!

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